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Protobuffet is a documentation environment for your Protobuf file workspace.

Documentation should be driven by the code that it documents while being easily extensible through a structured framework. Protobuf contracts help document objects and exposed APIs for your services. These contracts alone provide many benefits, but gaps still remain in the documentation requirements of these services. Protobuffet provides the toolset to build complete documentation of your Protobuf file workspace.

Our documentation starts with an enhanced view of Protobuf contracts. The Protobuffet CLI parses your Protobuf file workspace to generate modern documentation pages for your organization. This automated, granular documentation is deep linked and extensible with our toolset.


Protobuffet is built as a set of packages that extend the Docusaurus site generator with Protobuf views.

Docusaurus provides a powerful foundation for generating documentation and other content-focused sites. It renders content based on markdown (.mdx) files with support for React components. Protobuffet is built on top of this foundation to follow the same standards and practices. Flexibility is important when choosing a documentation framework for your organization and Docusaurus was the best choice for Protobuffet in this area.

I highly encourage you to get familiar with their great documentation, but here is a summary of what it provides for this project:

  • Modern Jamstack documentation site.
  • Solid React and MDX foundation.
  • Support of plugins and themes that allow for easy extension.
  • Emphasis on developer-driven documentation.

This documentation site is also built with Docusaurus!


Protobuffet builds enhanced views and documentation for your Protobuf file workspace.

Protocol buffers provide a language-agnostic way to serialize and access structured data. This is enabled by Protobuf contracts defined in .proto files. These Protobuf files define messages, services, enums, and other data types. Applications read these contracts in order to interface with other processes and servers operating on the same set of contracts.

Protobuffet depends on a snapshot of these contracts to generate an enhanced view of your workspace. With your contracts used as granular documentation, Protobuffet provides the building blocks to improve towards a complete documentation set.